Your business needs to grow and you have to make it visible to others. We build online and offline tools that allows you to promote your business company at an affordable price.

At Iwacuguide, we offer offline & online promotional services with a call center in-house, including incoming and outgoing calls. We provide promotional services to Business Compagnies and Organizations accross different countries in Africa: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, D.R.Congo, Zambia, Sudan!

IwacuGuide Services

Market Researchers & Sales Leaders

Understanding your market is your first step to building a good sales plan. To understand your market you will need to carry out market research. IwacuGuide will assist you using market research skills to increase your sales target.

Business Analyse and Investigation.

IwacuGuide Business Investigations services, focuses on corporate, ICT, Legal, Insurance, Transport, Farming and personal investigations. Clients engage IwacuGuide to perform investigations for Asset Discovery & Recovery, Witness Locates, Due Diligence, Business Intelligence, Pre-employment Screening and Complete Background Searches, Workers Compensation and General Liability Defense and Fraud, Theft, Title VII Workplace Investigations, Undercover Operations, Civil Litigation Support, Surveillance and Domestic Investigations.

Professional Call Center.

Our Call Center help you manage appointments, schedules and customer relationships all through an easy-to-use web, and Android apps. We have software that assists our clients in their schedules. Booking appointments with your clients & customers doesn’t have to be a never-ending time problem anymore. Let your clients view your real-time availability, select the date and time that works best for them, pay in advance and even cancel or reschedule all on their own--without you having to drive yourself crazy.

Online Business Directory & First Level Support.

We have an online business directory that operate 7/7 every day and our clients can access our website from wherever they are located. Our First Level Mobile & Desktop applications compatible with web, iOS and Android apps runs to assist our clients who wish to get business information, contacts and client's contact information, addresses and emails.

Social Business Creation.

Social Business Creation is the only way to build long term work opportunities , because we live in communities that need jobs, our strategies of social business creation is making impact within our communities and we are now creating jobs directely and indirectely.

Point of Sales and Promotion.

Whether your company is promoting new products or services , getting clients to know your business company is not an easy work.At IwacuGuide we will assist you and you will not be disappointed, our online and offline strategies together combined makes clients know about your business company within few days.

Workshops, Trainings, and Conferences.

IwacuGuide organise proffessional trainings, workshops and conferences on social Entrepreneurship. We train and assist community members in different skills which enables them to be responsible, life changers and good leaders.

What we do everyday.

We train and equip professional skills necessary to your company staff members.We also promote your compagny daily activities trough printed materials, promotional wear, online applications and digital media. We work from monday to friday but we can still assit you trough email and scheduled appointments at our office.

Our Company Organisation History.

IwacuGuide was born in 2007, started with nothing much around us, we have passed trough a lot of difficulties trying to make our company dream come true. Founded by Ferdinand Elijah NTAKIRUTIMANA to promote daily activities of the people living and working in East Africa. The name IwacuGuide simply mean HomeGuide, this name came finally to be our company brand after facing many challenges due to problems and political situation that our generation have gone trough. To avoid changing our company name if we were to relocate to another country, we finally came to see Africa as our HomeLand and that's how finally we decided that no matter where we were to go in Africa our company brand will always remain IwacuGuide. Since 2007 we have managed to put in place management systems and efficient tools, we are now running our company and we are still improving our working phylosophy. We provide services in different languages: Kirundi, English, French and Swahili.


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We are still trying to see how our children educational project can start, with nothing much around us, Ferdis Preparatory is ready to bring education to the children. We are still striving to provide a high standard of education to help your child grow in this ever changing world.


At FamilyStores we are commited to the Future of Food Since 2007 FamilyStores has invested in the organic food markets. FamilyStores is an importer, processor and wholesaler of quality products and ingredients. Our Mission is to promote the Good Life by: 1 supplying the finest quality, certified organic nutritional products using only genuinely natural, minimally-processed ingredients; 2 providing a growing market of health-conscious people with new and innovative products from around the globe; 3 promoting business practices that respect our planet and its people; and 4 operating the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, thereby increasing value for all stakeholders.

MoResto is a Ferdisgroup collection and delivery company, we work with local Restaurants here in East Africa with a plan to expand our business in other countries, our company is an upcoming but promising in the hospitality industry. Our team is a very dedicated team some of them are well-known in the industry and have made international records. We are specialized in food and drink collection and delivery, restaurants management, Menu Design and Printing, Kitchen Item Supply and Restaurant Staff Training. For more informations regarding MoResto you can visit our website: www.moresto.bi

Iwacu Perfect Services is a Ferdisgroup skilled labour division, we train and equip young boys and girls the skills needed in this life and when they complete our training sessions we create jobs for them. All our trainer are dedicated staff members and ready to transfert they skills to others, In the past years our team have been investing in computer skills, fashion design, wood products (chairs, tables, cupboards and others), welding, capentry, hygiene, maintenace and renovation, we also design and build according to our client’s needs.



The Founder is a passionate Graphic Designer, Web Builder, Social Entrepreneur, Social Innovator, Copywriter, Publisher and Motivational Speaker.